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Laserliner DampMaster


Professional measuring device for ascertaining material moisture

Included FREE

  • Softbag
  • Protective cap with self-test function
  • Batteries

Product features

High degree of accuracy thanks to selectable material groups

High degree of accuracy thanks to selectable material groups

Large, illuminated LCD

Large, illuminated LCD

Product in detail

DampMaster - 082.020A

Professional moisture measuring device for wood and building moisture.

  • Material groups: selection of various material groups (wood and building materials) increase the device’s measuring accuracy for materialspecific measurements.
  • All measurement results at a glance: all relevant information (material, measurement value, bar display, wet-dry indicator, MIN/MAX) is visible simultaneously on the large, illuminated LC display.
  • Wet-dry indicator: wet-dry evaluation of measurement results provided by bar display.
  • Quick localisation of moisture: comparison measurements can be made in Indicator-mode which reveal increasing or decreasing moisture based on a neutral scale.
  • Stable, ergonomic housing with protective rubber casing makes it easier to insert the spikes, particularly in hard materials.
  • Automatic/Manual temperature compensation: corrects falsified measurement results which would otherwise occur due to differing ambient temperature conditions.
  • Display of measurement value selectable for °C or °F.
  • LCD backlight: adjustable LCD illumination
  • Self-test function: A reference measurement in the protective cap verifies the accuracy of the measuring device.
  • Measuring spikes can be replaced
  • Auto power off

Product no. 082.020A

Technical data

MATERIALSwood, gypsum plaster, aerated concrete, screed, concrete
MEASUREMENT RANGE / ACCURACYwood: 0 - 30 % / ± 1 %, 30 - 60 % / ± 2 %, 60 - 90 % / ± 4 % other materials: ± 0,5 %
POWER SUPPLY3 x lithium 3V CR2032
WEIGHT0,169 kg
DIMENSIONS (W x H x D)60 mm x 115 mm x 30 mm

Technology key

  • key-icon-battery3xcr2032 Uses 3 CR 2032 batteries