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AquaPro 120 Set

Automatic rotary laser with laser receiver, stand and levelling staff

Included FREE

  • Tripod & levelling staff
  • Universal mount
  • SensoLite 120

Product features

Vertical reference beam

Vertical reference beam

Laser receiver range up to 120m

Laser receiver range up to 120m

Vertical operating position

Vertical operating position

Wall attachment

Wall attachment

Product in detail

AquaPro 120 Set - 046.04.00A

AquaPro 120

  • Automatic level: Automatic rotary laser with horizontal self-levelling by means of magnetically damped pendulum system; vertical alignment with adjustable foot.
  • A vertical reference beam is provided to plumb and align partition walls.
  • Robust housing with protective rubber casing.
  • Out-of-level: The device emits visual and acoustic signals to indicate that it is out of the levelling range.
  • Laser modes: Rotary and hand receiver mode.
  • Inclination can be set.
  • SpotLite marking function: Prevents parallax errors and facilitates precise marking of reference levels.
  • The wall/floor console can be vertically levelled or
  • the unit can be attached to the wall.
  • Pendulum restraint for safe transport.

SensoLite 120

  • Laser receiver with head magnet.
  • Max. laser reception range 120 m radius.
  • High-luminosity LEDs on front and rear.
  • Incl. universal mount.

165 cm lightweight aluminium tripod

  • Professional model with 5/8“ thread
  • Milled bearing surface, durable steel feet

Flexi levelling staff 240 cm

  • For taking measurements from floor heights.
  • Differences in levels determined without having to carry out any calculations.

Product code: 046.04.00A

Technical data

ACCURACY± 2 mm / 10 m
LEVELLINGAutomatic horizontal / vertical with adjustable foot
LASER RECEPTION RANGEmax. 120 m radius
LASERclass 2 < 1 mW
POWER SUPPLY6 x type AA, approx. 45 hrs operating time
WEIGHT8.4 kg

Technology key

  • Automatic alignment
  • Dust & water protection 54
  • Laser Class 2
  • Red Laser 650 nm Red Laser 650 nm
  • Soft Case
  • Transport lock
  • Tripod connection 5/8"
  • Uses 6 AA batteries