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SocketTester Plus

Safety test for power socket installation including test of the FI circuit breaker

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SocketTester Plus - 083.027GB


Laserliner SocketTester Plus,
Art. No. 083.027GB


Dear Customers,

As your supplier of technical equipment, we always strive to sell products of the highest quality.

The safety of the consumer has top priority for us. The structure and task of our proven product SocketTester Plus, Art. No. 083.027GB, is designed to prevent personal injury and damage to property caused by the faulty installation of electrical wiring and thus to ensure maximum safety during the use and handling of domestic electrical installations.

During a safety test, the following was established. In the event of faulty operation during continuous operation contrary to the instructions in the operating manual, or also in the event of over voltage in the cable, the device may very sporadically display incorrect measurement results.

After high individual or continuous loads, wiring faults, such as the dangerous transposition of the L-PE conductors, may be indicated as a harmless transposition of the L-N conductors. In such cases, the product components may also catch fire.

If the user touches the live wires on account of such incorrect measurement results, he may suffer an electric shock.

Although the device has been tested with respect to the European Low Voltage Directive, we assume that components are incorrectly dimensioned and are the cause of this danger.

No damage has been caused so far. However, this is not supposed to happen. This is why we have decided to carry out a product recall for the goods in question. We intend to extend the measure to all products sold to date. The recall therefore affects all products that we have sold from mid-2016 until today.

Please contact Us on 0800 292 2188 for a refund.  No receipt is necessary.

  • Reliable tool for professional tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts
  • Signalling of life-threatening phase voltages
  • For standard UK socket outlets with earthing contact BS1363 type G
  • Error mode with 3 indicator lights
  • LCD PE fault indicator
  • RCD fault indicator lamp
  • Voltage range: 240 V / ± 10%
  • Frequency range: 50 Hz
  • FI/RCD test current: 30 mA / ± 15%, test time 60  – 300 mins

Product code: 083.027GB

Technical data

Frequency range:50 Hz
Voltage range:240 V / ± 10%

Technology key

  • CAT II 300V CAT II 300V